How wide should a website be?

Tioreo responsive webdesign

How wide should a website be? There are many who ask themselves this question. The site should fit smartphones, tablets, desktops and wide screens at advertising agencies and designers.

One solution is to make the site fluid (responsive),which means that it ” folds up” depending on the receiver you are using.

Smartphones have a screen width of about 220-480 pixels (px), small laptops have a screen width of approx 1024 px and larger laptops and desktops have aprox 1366 px or more.

The width should therefore be between 200 px to 1366 px, to be on the safe side.

And everything should look equally good in any format. Not least on wide screens, where it’s easier to see the flaws and mistakes.

Most sites are still tailored to a maximum width of about 1024 px , but more and more webdesigners makes their sites wider to fit large devices with high contrast.

The designers at Tioreo creates websites that adjusts to large formats, as well as small ones. Our own site is an example of this. Click around and try it!