Swiss Education Group Scandinavia

The Mission

SEG, Swiss Education Group represent 5 famous schools in the hospitality sector, in Switzerland. They needed an updated online presence for the Scandinavian market, attracting young people to their various programs. The website should also be easy to administrate for staff, and easy to post news.

The Solution

Tioreo created a clean design, using the company brand ans fonts. We gave a lot of focus to the program section, and finally the news section. We also educated the staff how to administrate the website.

Tioreo also introduced SEO, AdWords and newsletters, in order to attract relevant visitors to the website.

The Result

SEG, Swiss Education Group has functional and easy to use website. It explains the various educational programs, and has a good news section. Now its easy to spread the news to Facebook and other social media, and the website is the center of SEG´s online marketing. In combination with SEO, SEM and newsletter marketing we boosted traffic, and the amount of quality leads highly increased.

Admire the eye catching site: