3 important trends in SEO for 2017


There are many predictions of how Google will rank web content 2017. And the answer to the almighty question of how to get a No. 1 position will always change a bit – from year to year.

From desktop first – to mobile first

This year – apart from all the other important SEO adjustments – I would suggest to make your websites really mobile friendly. It´s more and more important, since users tend to shift from desktop to mobile in an ever increasing speed. Google penalize websites that are not mobile friendly. You can check if your website is mobile friendly at Google Search Console.


The search engines also recognize speed as an important factor to higher rankings. Check your website, and try to make the necessary adjustments for a higher loading speed. You can check your speed here.


Google seems to rank secure sites a bit higher than others, and I´m talking about the SSL-protocol. If you can implement this on your website you will have a small advantage over the competitioners. Check with your hosting for help.


Of course there are much more to it than this – but I would keep an eye on mobile, speed and security!



Magazi – a stylish Magazine theme


Magazi is smart and stylish WordPress theme with a design resembling of fashion/advertising magazines.

Responsive, liquid layout for good readability in all kind of devices like desktops, tablets and smartphones.

Including post formats, custom header, widget areas in header, sidebar and footer, 2 menus, width 1366px.

You can download it from: wordpress.org/themes/magazi/

My web page just broke!

page-errorIt’s a web designers nightmare when clients change the graphic design, and after a few weeks, the website is adorned with animated gifs and malformed text. And the formerly professional looking appearance is all gone.

But perhaps it’s we the web designers who are not listening carefully enough to the customers? Maybe we have sold something to them that they didn’t actually want? Maybe they were looking for something different from the beginning, a page that was not as minimalistic as the one we suggested?

Listening to the customer is an form of art. Through conversation we should come to a solution that works for both parties.

But there are bigger problems than webpages becoming scribbled after a few weeks. Sometimes when the customer try to do updates and modifications everything goes down, and the page no longer works as it should.

There are quite a few who are sitting out there with websites that don’t look good, and have technical problems. Often we do not take hold of it, we don’t have time, or we’re afraid it’ll cost too much to fix.

Tioreo can help you with all sorts of problems on WordPress, as well as the eshopping tool WooCommerce. Whether you want to install something new, if things don’t work properly, or needs to be adjusted or updated.

The website is often the company’s strongest and most accessible market channel, take care of it!

Is your company on Wikipedia?

wikipedia-about-wikipediaWikipedia is the world’s largest source of knowledge, a huge digital encyclopedia that extends over most regions and languages.

Of course there are many who want to be included in this encyclopedia, both businesses and individuals, but it can sometimes prove to be more difficult than you thought.

A company listing must meet certain specified criteria, and the article should be written in a proper way. And after publication the article should be followed up, so that it is not removed, or changed in an improper manner.

Many of the experienced editors working with Wikipedia dislike that companies publish articles improperly, they see it as unfair advertising, and removes your article only after a few minutes.

The editors have great power over what is displayed in the encyclopedia, and what is not shown. Some of the editors are a bit eccentric and has developed a special internal culture.

Wikipedia has been accused of elitism of debaters and users, but this is how the service works today, and we are bound by its rules and culture.

Therefore, one must be careful, patient and follow Wikipedia’s given rules and structures very carefully.

We offer consultation regarding most aspects of Wikipedia, and we work carefully and discreetly on behalf of our customers. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to know more.

Importance of photos in web design

Today website images can be large and have really decent quality and still load fast. So there’s really no excuse not to use photographs that can enhance the message you want to pass on to your audience through your website.

Research using eye tracking while test persons where browsing pages provides interesting results. Images are significantly contributing when they are carrying relevant information, have a meaning in the context, features real people as opposed to stock photos and are personal. [1] Photographs can help draw attention to content on a website, enhance information in text and make heavy text easier to digest. In fact some research shows a relation between bigger photographs the better sales numbers. [2]

Tioreo web design: GG Pest Control Limassol - Use of Photography

Photos with sole purpose to fill out a page or make the page nicer looking however proved to be completely ignored by users.

Through my years as internet user seen that the quality of a website’s content, such as photos, many times are indicative of the quality of the company’s products or services. Probably it is because successful people invest in smart solutions and choose their web content accordingly.

Be fare to what you want to promote through your website and always use high quality and relevant photographs where they communicate best in the context. Use a professional photographer or spend the time needed to find that perfect photography if you use a stock photo service such as DeviantArt.

1. [http://www.nngroup.com/articles/photos-as-web-content/]
2. [http://econsultancy.com/blog/62391-do-bigger-images-mean-improved-conversion-rates-three-case-studies/]

How wide should a website be?

Tioreo responsive webdesign

How wide should a website be? There are many who ask themselves this question. The site should fit smartphones, tablets, desktops and wide screens at advertising agencies and designers.

One solution is to make the site fluid (responsive),which means that it ” folds up” depending on the receiver you are using.

Smartphones have a screen width of about 220-480 pixels (px), small laptops have a screen width of approx 1024 px and larger laptops and desktops have aprox 1366 px or more.

The width should therefore be between 200 px to 1366 px, to be on the safe side.

And everything should look equally good in any format. Not least on wide screens, where it’s easier to see the flaws and mistakes.

Most sites are still tailored to a maximum width of about 1024 px , but more and more webdesigners makes their sites wider to fit large devices with high contrast.

The designers at Tioreo creates websites that adjusts to large formats, as well as small ones. Our own site is an example of this. Click around and try it!

Quote of the day: The art of technology

The art of technology.

Sketch by Leonardo da Vinci

It’s an art to perfect the technical, and at the same time technically challenging to fulfill that artistic feeling.

By Elena Sophocleous @ Tioreo.com