New website for the Swedish Classical Liberal Party

The Mission

The Swedish Classical Liberal Party is preparing for the election of 2018 and needed a new flexible web presence, allowing them to change the front page to adapt to various campaigns.

The Solution

Tioreo created a clean design, using the party’s logo and graphics. The front page is created like a grid of boxes, in various sizes, allowing major changes using an easy interface. It’s easy to add images, videos, news, banners etc. Which is vital during the election, when adapting to a number of different campaign strategies.

The Result

As we speak the design is ready, and the Swedish Classical Liberal Party may concentrate on the election tactics with a new flexible web design, including many options, and also a section for news and how to become a member.

Tioreo also designed a web discussion forum for the party, using Discourse software, adapting it to the party’s needs.

Visit the web site: Liberala partiet