My web page just broke!

page-errorIt’s a web designers nightmare when clients change the graphic design, and after a few weeks, the website is adorned with animated gifs and malformed text. And the formerly professional looking appearance is all gone.

But perhaps it’s we the web designers who are not listening carefully enough to the customers? Maybe we have sold something to them that they didn’t actually want? Maybe they were looking for something different from the beginning, a page that was not as minimalistic as the one we suggested?

Listening to the customer is an form of art. Through conversation we should come to a solution that works for both parties.

But there are bigger problems than webpages becoming scribbled after a few weeks. Sometimes when the customer try to do updates and modifications everything goes down, and the page no longer works as it should.

There are quite a few who are sitting out there with websites that don’t look good, and have technical problems. Often we do not take hold of it, we don’t have time, or we’re afraid it’ll cost too much to fix.

Tioreo can help you with all sorts of problems on WordPress, as well as the eshopping tool WooCommerce. Whether you want to install something new, if things don’t work properly, or needs to be adjusted or updated.

The website is often the company’s strongest and most accessible market channel, take care of it!