Is your company on Wikipedia?

wikipedia-about-wikipediaWikipedia is the world’s largest source of knowledge, a huge digital encyclopedia that extends over most regions and languages.

Of course there are many who want to be included in this encyclopedia, both businesses and individuals, but it can sometimes prove to be more difficult than you thought.

A company listing must meet certain specified criteria, and the article should be written in a proper way. And after publication the article should be followed up, so that it is not removed, or changed in an improper manner.

Many of the experienced editors working with Wikipedia dislike that companies publish articles improperly, they see it as unfair advertising, and removes your article only after a few minutes.

The editors have great power over what is displayed in the encyclopedia, and what is not shown. Some of the editors are a bit eccentric and has developed a special internal culture.

Wikipedia has been accused of elitism of debaters and users, but this is how the service works today, and we are bound by its rules and culture.

Therefore, one must be careful, patient and follow Wikipedia’s given rules and structures very carefully.

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