Chocolates shops map and Augment reality

The mission

Handmade chocolates is enjoyed by an ever increasing amount of enthusiasts in Sweden, who knows how to appreciate everyday luxury. We wanted to support these connoisseurs and all other curious find out where to find their nearest handmade chocolates shop.

The solution

(2010-11) We produced a website and a mobile Layar layer to facilitate finding nearest handmade chocolates shop in Sweden. The website contains a map and drop down listing with all shops in Sweden, each shop has an own page with info, contact and where website visitors can review and rate each shop/chocolates. The website was search engine optimized. We produced the Pralinkartan layer in the mobile service Layar. The Pralinkartan layer uses Augment reality to present the handmade chocolates shops nearest to you. For each shop the mobile user gets the distance, road description, telephone, and more information about the chocolates shops nearest to you. Pralinkartan has an extended presence also on social media.

The result

The service is widely used by handmade chocolates lovers, and has supported the spread of the passion for high quality chocolates and handmade food products in Sweden.

Browse the delicious handmade chocolates shops of Sweden (in Swedish): Pralinkartan