New flexible web design for political party

With an adaptable front page allowing fast changes in design, adding images, text, videos, banners etc in a grid pattern.

The new website – center of online marketing – Swiss Education Group

Tioreo created a functional and easy to use website, with a good news section. Now its easy to spread the news to Facebook and other social media, and the website is the center of SEG’s online marketing.

Web design for exclusive speed boat manufacturer

Aphrodite Marine, manufacturer of exclusive speed boats in Limassol Cyprus needed a website. And they wanted something that was energetic and yet simple.

Website for language school

We created a playful and informative website that suited their graphic profile, and also giving information on all courses available and accessible language, complete with news channel & photo gallery. We also trained staff to handle the website.

Italian wines and deli online

Italian wine and deli store Cellar & Bottega wanted to re-new there internet presence. They needed an easy-to-update website, with news section, and a large section of their products.-

Creative Developments

Coasts & Hills Development LTD is a new upstart business. They wanted a website fast, although not all business areas were ready for the public. They needed a strong visual feel as well as simplicity.

GG Pest Control, science based exterminator

After few months GG Pest Control has received plenty of new – out of it’s natural network – clients who found their website through Google Search, where it has a first page position.

Marinakis Developers Ltd – a little bit different from the rest

We created a functional and easy to use website, with some extra features that makes them stand out in the competition and also embraces new technology.

Conicon, a re-designed digital presence

While other competitors are declining in, or vanishing from, the Cypriot market in crisis, the company is the most thriving in it’s sector, in management training and consulting area.

Offering house service online

Cyprus House Service Ltd has functional and easy to use website. It´s easy find relevant info about their membership products, and also easy to pay and become a member.

Educational video portal

We build a Wordpress website with online subscription and paymenet options. The videos are gathered in logical category fields. They are easy to find, and its also easy to use the various educational videos.

Echinops , a reliable migration consultant

Echinops is a Cyprus bases company dealing with migration and naturalization issues. They needed a reliable and trustworthy presence on the internet.

Mediacuben, an eShop

We created a website with an eShop using a WP CMS which is very easily manageable and a eCommerce plugin which has all the features they need as well as more in case they want to expand their products and service range. The website is designed with search engines in mind.

Blog for culinary pastry and chocolote arts

We used Wordpress for the blog, with a minimalistic and clean design theme that gave the pastry creations all the attention! Sofia Söderberg is a famous blogger among her interest group, and she is writing weekly and sometimes daily updates.

PR Vård, improved SEO

The project started with a digital marketing audit, particularly with SEO in mind. Thereafter we have done basic work to make the website SEO friendly, in close co-operation with the concerned staff of the company.

All the wineries to discover in Cyprus

During the websites first year the powerful search engine optimization generated nearly 20.000 unique visitors. The website has SERP 1 which means it is on first page on most searches in Google involving wine or winery and cyprus.

Avancemang – a culture blog

We created the blog based on Wordpress which has a very user friendly CMS and powerful for SEO.

Chocolates shops map and Augment reality

The service is widely used by handmade chocolates lovers, and has supported the spread of the passion for high quality chocolates and handmade food products in Sweden.