Conicon, a re-designed digital presence

The mission

Conicon is a training and management consulting organization with business in Cyprus and overseas. Conicon was searching for a partner for digital marketing including a total remake of their organization and business website.

The solution

(2013-) We created a clean and modern multi-lingual website with focus on user friendliness where it is easy to find information, publications and register as member. On social media we created presence where needed and created a structured publishing process. Their Newsletter management was moved to MailChimp, where we created appealing templates for their various types of newsletters and seminar postings as well as organized their email lists.

The result

While other competitors are declining in, or vanishing from, the Cypriot market in crisis, the company is the most thriving in it’s sector, in management training and consulting area.

Visit a successful management company in Cyprus: Conicon

Educational video portal

The mission

“Min hörsel” (My hearing) is a Swedish project that brings together educational materials tailored to elementary school students with hearing loss. Learning materials are in video formats and complements the course material in book form. Schools will be able to subscribe to these online educational videos and access with password.

The aim was to build a web video portal with payment systems, and a very clear and logical structure.

The solution

We build a WordPress website with online subscription and paymenet options. The videos are gathered in logical category fields. They are easy to find, and its also easy to use the various educational videos.

The result

Tioreo created a responsive site with strong visual identity, which also took the client other graphic profile. We also acted as advisor on technologies for storing video films , as well as customization and integration to the site . We adapted the educational structure of teaching materials in close cooperation with the client. Tioreo also created a platform for membership and a shop , where subscriptions to the teaching materials can be purchased.


Visit the website : minhorsel.se

GG Pest Control, science based exterminator

The Mission

GG Pest Control is a Cyprus base company that offers extermination services of any pest in residential or commercial spaces, using scientifically proven technologies and quality chemicals. The company needed an online presence.

The Solution

(2014) We created a modern, selling and search engine friendly website. Fully responsive, multi-lingual and with custom photographs and graphics.

The Result

After few months GG Pest Control has received plenty of new – out of it’s natural network – clients who found their website through Google Search, where it has a first page position.

Admire the eye catching site: GG Pest Control

Echinops , a reliable migration consultant

The Mission

Echinops is a Cyprus bases company dealing with migration and naturalization issues. They needed a reliable and trustworthy presence on the internet.

The Solution

Tioreo created a modern, classy and search engine friendly website. Fully responsive, with news section, photo gallery and sections with information about the company services.

The Result

The website is now a meeting point for both old and new Echinops clients, a source for information and possibility to download documents.

Admire the eye catching site: Echinops

Magazi – a stylish Magazine theme


Magazi is smart and stylish WordPress theme with a design resembling of fashion/advertising magazines.

Responsive, liquid layout for good readability in all kind of devices like desktops, tablets and smartphones.

Including post formats, custom header, widget areas in header, sidebar and footer, 2 menus, width 1366px.

You can download it from: wordpress.org/themes/magazi/

My web page just broke!

page-errorIt’s a web designers nightmare when clients change the graphic design, and after a few weeks, the website is adorned with animated gifs and malformed text. And the formerly professional looking appearance is all gone.

But perhaps it’s we the web designers who are not listening carefully enough to the customers? Maybe we have sold something to them that they didn’t actually want? Maybe they were looking for something different from the beginning, a page that was not as minimalistic as the one we suggested?

Listening to the customer is an form of art. Through conversation we should come to a solution that works for both parties.

But there are bigger problems than webpages becoming scribbled after a few weeks. Sometimes when the customer try to do updates and modifications everything goes down, and the page no longer works as it should.

There are quite a few who are sitting out there with websites that don’t look good, and have technical problems. Often we do not take hold of it, we don’t have time, or we’re afraid it’ll cost too much to fix.

Tioreo can help you with all sorts of problems on WordPress, as well as the eshopping tool WooCommerce. Whether you want to install something new, if things don’t work properly, or needs to be adjusted or updated.

The website is often the company’s strongest and most accessible market channel, take care of it!

Mediacuben, an eShop

The mission

MediaCuben needed a new simple and easily manageable eShop solution for selling educational CD and DVD products in language, sign language areas e t c.

The solution

(2015) We created a website with an eShop using a WP CMS which is very easily manageable and a eCommerce plugin which has all the features they need as well as more in case they want to expand their products and service range. The website is designed with search engines in mind.

The result

On a short period the shop has seen a radical increase in number of sales.

Browse the user friendly eShop: MediaCuben