New website for the Swedish Classical Liberal Party

The Mission

The Swedish Classical Liberal Party is preparing for the election of 2018 and needed a new flexible web presence, allowing them to change the front page to adapt to various campaigns.

The Solution

Tioreo created a clean design, using the party’s logo and graphics. The front page is created like a grid of boxes, in various sizes, allowing major changes using an easy interface. It’s easy to add images, videos, news, banners etc. Which is vital during the election, when adapting to a number of different campaign strategies.

The Result

As we speak the design is ready, and the Swedish Classical Liberal Party may concentrate on the election tactics with a new flexible web design, including many options, and also a section for news and how to become a member.

Tioreo also designed a web discussion forum for the party, using Discourse software, adapting it to the party’s needs.

Visit the web site: Liberala partiet

Swiss Education Group Scandinavia

The Mission

SEG, Swiss Education Group represent 5 famous schools in the hospitality sector, in Switzerland. They needed an updated online presence for the Scandinavian market, attracting young people to their various programs. The website should also be easy to administrate for staff, and easy to post news.

The Solution

Tioreo created a clean design, using the company brand ans fonts. We gave a lot of focus to the program section, and finally the news section. We also educated the staff how to administrate the website.

Tioreo also introduced SEO, AdWords and newsletters, in order to attract relevant visitors to the website.

The Result

SEG, Swiss Education Group has functional and easy to use website. It explains the various educational programs, and has a good news section. Now its easy to spread the news to Facebook and other social media, and the website is the center of SEG´s online marketing. In combination with SEO, SEM and newsletter marketing we boosted traffic, and the amount of quality leads highly increased.

Admire the eye catching site: Swisseducation.se

Web design for exclusive speed boat manufacturer

The mission

Aphrodite Marine, manufacturer of exclusive speed boats in Limassol Cyprus needed a website. And they wanted something that was energetic and yet simple.

The solution

By using drone video footage, we added a background video for the website, and prepared it for the boat models yet to be added.

The result

Aphrodite Marine is a colorful business, and they needed something out of the ordinary, in a limited time span. The website is still under development, adding more info as the journey goes on.

Visit: aphroditemarine.com

3 important trends in SEO for 2017


There are many predictions of how Google will rank web content 2017. And the answer to the almighty question of how to get a No. 1 position will always change a bit – from year to year.

From desktop first – to mobile first

This year – apart from all the other important SEO adjustments – I would suggest to make your websites really mobile friendly. It´s more and more important, since users tend to shift from desktop to mobile in an ever increasing speed. Google penalize websites that are not mobile friendly. You can check if your website is mobile friendly at Google Search Console.


The search engines also recognize speed as an important factor to higher rankings. Check your website, and try to make the necessary adjustments for a higher loading speed. You can check your speed here.


Google seems to rank secure sites a bit higher than others, and I´m talking about the SSL-protocol. If you can implement this on your website you will have a small advantage over the competitioners. Check with your hosting for help.


Of course there are much more to it than this – but I would keep an eye on mobile, speed and security!



Website for language school

The mission

Popular language school Interlead had some trouble with their digital presence. They wanted to create a professional online information channel for courses, seminars and activities.

The solution

We created a playful and informative website that suited their graphic profile, and also giving information on all courses available and accessible language, complete with news channel & photo gallery.

We also trained their staff so that they can handle the daily management of the site and update news and photo gallery.

The result

Interlead is one of the best known language schools in the area. They are using the website to connect to new and old pupils. The website is also often used for social media marketing campaigns.

Visit: interlead.com.cy

Italian wines and deli

The mission

Italian wine and deli store Cellar & Bottega wanted to renew and redesign their internet presence. They needed an easy-to-update website, with news section, and a large products section.

The solution

We produced a website with all the important features. It´s all built with WordPress, which is very easy to use, and the staff can easily update and write news.

It also easy to re-publish the news in social media. To make life easy for new customers we also added an interactive map over the location and the city. We use original photos either from the shop or from the various producers to give an unique feel to the website. And the colours are in line with the shops interior design and logo.

The result

Cellar & Bottega is one of the best now wine and deli shops in its area. And now the web presenve is inline with their good reputation. Its easy to find the shop, its easy to follow news either on the website or on social media. And customers will also find all the wines and products on logical sections of the website.

Browse the website: cellarandbottega.com.cy

Coast & Hills Development

The mission

Coasts & Hills Development LTD is a new upstart business. They wanted a website fast, although not all business areas were ready for the public. They needed a strong visual feel as well as simplicity.

The solution

We produced the website, as well as the logo. The project is ongoing, the website is not ready yet, since their business is constantly evolving. Although they have a strong landmark on the Internet.

The result

Coasts and hills Development has a dynamic and versatile website. In the future we may add hotel booking services, payment systems, multilingual features etc. The WordPress system is perfect for those who plan for the future!

Browse the website: Coasts & Hills