3 important trends in SEO for 2017


There are many predictions of how Google will rank web content 2017. And the answer to the almighty question of how to get a No. 1 position will always change a bit – from year to year.

From desktop first – to mobile first

This year – apart from all the other important SEO adjustments – I would suggest to make your websites really mobile friendly. It´s more and more important, since users tend to shift from desktop to mobile in an ever increasing speed. Google penalize websites that are not mobile friendly. You can check if your website is mobile friendly at Google Search Console.


The search engines also recognize speed as an important factor to higher rankings. Check your website, and try to make the necessary adjustments for a higher loading speed. You can check your speed here.


Google seems to rank secure sites a bit higher than others, and I´m talking about the SSL-protocol. If you can implement this on your website you will have a small advantage over the competitioners. Check with your hosting for help.


Of course there are much more to it than this – but I would keep an eye on mobile, speed and security!